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Thread: Chrome cookie/security update prevents login

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    Chrome is rolling out a new feature for how it handles cookies. In a Chrome browser that has the features, we cannot log in to my.shiprush.com because a cookie is being blocked. For a Chrome browser without the feature, we can log in, but there's a deprecation warning visible in Developer Tools. See images below.

    Both browsers are: Version 80.0.3987.132 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 10 v1909

    For a browser without the new feature, the behavior can be replicated by enabling three flags:
    See image below.


    SameSite updates timeline:
    "March 2, 2020: The enablement of the SameSite enforcements has been increased beyond the initial population. However, it is still targeting an overall limited global population of users on Chrome 80 stable and newer. We continue to monitor metrics and ecosystem feedback via our tracking bug, and other support channels."

    Debugging tips:

    SameSite Cookies video:

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    To simplify administration, we are only using Chrome in our organization. As the Chrome update rolls out, ShipRush will fail on more and more Chrome installations until it will not work on Chrome at all.

    We don't want to override basic Chrome security settings, or have to start using different browsers for ShipRush.

    Please let us know when this problem will be addressed.


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    I apologize for the delay in response here, this is an issue development has been working through for a number of days. We expect to have a ShipRush Web rollout later this afternoon that should resolve sign-in and usage problems in Chrome. Please watch www.ShipRush.com/status for updates.


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