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Thread: Regarding Post Back URL

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    Hi, We are integrating custom post in to our web app and we after successfully post in the order data and printing the label, we are not able to get response in post back URL. The URL shown in your pdf documentation (e.g. http://requestb.in) does not work so we are using our owned actual url (https://b2cdemo.comrogen.com/TempImages/12345) to get response but not getting response.

    Please explain us, what is going wrong? The ShipRush will simply put XML file to specified path (post back URL) OR do we need to process the post back URL ?.

    We are confused at this stage that what and how to do with this Post back URL? And how we can get the Tracking Number so that we can update our website with your tracking number info.

    Our Sandbox User Name: sudip@simrun.com

    We request you to guide us.


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    If you provide a postback URL, we will push "post" an xml file to that URL

    I reviewed the postback for your sandbox environment, and see the following error:
    ERROR on POST https://b2cdemo.comrogen.com/TempIma...5/Test.ZPK.xml, The remote server returned an error: (405) Method Not Allowed

    It would appear your domain is rejecting the postback. Once that is addressed, you will have shipment information pushed back to that URL, that you can then decipher that data back into your own app, including tracking information

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