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Thread: Fedex Mailview v2 - 'From' address section

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    Since last week, the 'From' section on the mailview label only has the company name printed out.
    My address, city, state , zip DID NOT show up on the label. I checked the 'ship from' inside Settings and everything is filled out for my FedEx mailview account.

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    Good Morning,
    That is to spec for MailView now, based on the country the shipment is going to.

    The information we received from the folks at MailView about this:
    "There are countries which as of July 1st have required no US address on items..and if they have a full US sender address it gives destination the right to charge additional postage fees directly to the sender at a high rate.

    The address showing sender name and company is all that is required for us to handle the item if returned, and prevent shippers from getting hit with potentially expensive postage requests from destinations."

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