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    Trying to install the endicia usps version but after i put in my codes i get this message

    Account registration failed
    endicia server returned error : account # ****** is not authorized for this service.

    I am currently enrolled in their premium service . also can i use this in quick books and eBay ?

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    Endicia server returned error: Account #******* is not authorized for this service. [2001]

    this is a cpoy of it

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    You must setup an account for use with ShipRush as other accounts will not work.

    You can only use ShipRush with one solution (QuickBooks, or eBay). This is based on the license that you enter. If you need it to work with both:
    - Have two licenses and flip flop between (messy as you need to enter new license all the time)
    - Use ShipRush on two different PCs

    Have Questions? Ask the ShipRush Knowledge Base: https://shiprush.com/kbase
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    I get the same error.

    Note that I am installing SR for Endicia - licensing should not be an issue.

    We have an Endicia Professional account.

    I had forgotten the passphrase, so I called Endicia to have it reset.

    At the same time, I enquired about some special account for ShipRush.
    They knew of no such account, and confirmed that we already have their highest level account. Is it possible that SR is looking specifically for a Premium account and doesn't recognize Professional?

    The only thing I can think of that I might have done to confuse things is that I started to install ShipRush for UPS - realized it was the wrong one, and then dug around until I found ShipRush for Endicia. I cancelled the install, uninstalled, rebooted, installed ShipRush for Endicia, rebooted, and launched the app. I then realized I would need the passphrase, bailed, had Endicia reset the passphrase, launched Dazzle with my temp passphrase, then (thinking that maybe ShipRush required the account be in a default state) exited Dazzle, launched ShipRush again - entered the temp pass as the old passphrase and selected a new one. I got an error msg (didn't write that one down.) Went back to Dazzle and completed the passphase change and tried launching ShipRush again - same 2001 error.

    I'd really like to try this out as it appears to be no cost over what we already pay endicia.

    Please review these messages and let us know what's going on.

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    I think I understand now how it works - sort of.

    I figured that maybe zfirm derived its revenue stream from a commission paid by endicia. I was incorrect - or at least my assumtion was incomplete.

    I wouldn't mind paying the extra $5 a month - but having to open a new account and close our old one to drive a commission is a bit silly - and isn't likely to happen.
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    Sorry for the confusion. ShipRush for Endicia is new, and we are still working out the various details. For example, many existing Endicia customers are interested in ShipRush, but are not (understandably) looking to open a 2nd Endicia account.

    Folks not currently on Endicia simply decide "Is the monthly fee worth it" and if it is, on they go.

    We are working with Endicia to make ShipRush more 'coherent' to existing Endicia sites. We can't promise that it will meet your needs, but we do want it to work as well as it can. At this point, I think the only path you can take is to ask "Is the benefit from ShipRush worth the monthly fee?" If not, we understand.

    We also have a free of charge (completely) USPS ShipRush. It does not print postage, but does the rest (bar coded label, etc.).

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    so how much is the monthly fee ?

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    oh and how do we set up the acount if the the people at Endicia have no clue what shiprush is ?

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    I was going to ask *you* that.

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    Use the create account option in ShipRush (during the wizard). If you have an account entered into ShipRush now, but it is not a ShipRush\Endicia Account, delete it from settings | shipping settings. The wizard will then fire up, and you should get the option to create an Endicia Account at that point.

    All Endicia\ShipRush information can be found here:

    Have Questions? Ask the ShipRush Knowledge Base: https://shiprush.com/kbase
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