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Thread: FedEx Shipping and eBay: How to calculate rates?

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    A new blog post on this topic is available: http://forums.zfirm.com/entry.php?8-...s-How-to-do-it

    What is displayed in the checkout process is controlled by eBay, and they do not offer FedEx, so there is no FedEx option.

    As you know, a GREAT number (many many thousands, in fact) of eBay sellers use FedEx for shipping.

    So how do they do it?

    One of a few ways:

    Option 1) Offer flat rate shipping. Use one size fits all shipping charges (per item, of course). In your listing you can say what you like. (E.g. "Ships FedEx Ground" or "Ships Ground" etc.)

    A very high percentage of eBay listings use flat rate shipping, based on the item weight and size.

    Option 2) Offer free shipping. In the listing you can describe the shipping service (e.g. Ships via FedEx Ground)

    Option 3) Use the built-in eBay rate calculator. It will not actually say "FedEx Ground" (because eBay controls this, and this is an eBay decision), but it will work to calculate a variable rate based on the package size/weight and recipient address. For example, say you ship FedEx Ground. You could use the built in eBay UPS Ground calculator. (In your listing you could say that you ship FedEx Ground, or not say anything and still ship using FedEx Ground.)

    This would give you calculated rates (that are usually higher than the FedEx Ground rates).

    These options are used by thousands of eBay sellers, including very high volume sellers, to good effect.

    Thank you for using ShipRush!
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    eBay now offers eBay FedEx shipping and ShipRush will import from eBay and PayPal. When using ShipRush to get the current eBay discounts, which are about the best you are going to find, you need to link from eBay, your FedEx account number. This applies your eBay discounts to your FedEx account number. Then whether you ship from eBay or from ShipRush you will get the same discounts. Note the quotes you see will be displayed differently and may vary by a few pennies.

    Note that ShipRush FedEx offers many additional features than eBay FedEx does. Including label printer support, alternate return addresses, and control over the residential/commercial address flag, plus numerous others.


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