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Thread: Item Taxes on Shipping

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    I have a client who will potentially buy this product as an Add-in for Microsoft RMS under one condition. It needs to be able to distinguish between items shipped to a "taxable" state and a "non-taxable" state. For example, any items shipped to New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida MUST be taxed, but not to any other state. This has to be done "on the fly;" it cannot be pre-defined IN the item, since that is dependent upon WHERE the item is being shipped to.

    Does this program do this?


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    I don't follow the question.

    How does "taxability" impact how the item is shipped? ShipRush has no way to read if a sale is taxable or not.

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    Yes it does. Depending upon the STATE the item is shipped to it may or may not be taxable. Example: I sell 2 sleeves of golf balls to a customer in Maine. They are NOT taxable because they are going to Maine. I sell 2 sleeves to a customer in Connecticut. They ARE taxable because they are going to Connecticut. Can the state laws be incorporated into the program; i.e., it reads the destination state and determines if the item is taxable or not? Otherwise, we have to create TWO of EVERY item? One "taxable" and one "non-taxable"?

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    Sorry, but ShipRush has no brains of this kind.

    RMS (I think) has its own tax tables, and has a general idea (I think) about when to charge tax based on the state being sold to.

    Potentially, RMS could make this decision.

    ShipRush just gives a number to RMS (the shipping cost, [and, if configured, a markup]). ShipRush has zero brains related to sales tax, so is not able to participate in such a decision.

    Sorry we do not have a 'pat' answer for this. Let us know how we can help!
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    StreamV from Cove Systems (www.covesys.com) will do this in the application and pass the right data to ShipRush. This is an applicaiton issue not a shipping issue. The shipping issue is weither to know if tax should be charged on shipping (STV will also do this).


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