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Thread: what does bill sender mean?

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    Does it mean that Once it is posted I will get a invocie for the total owed?
    Does it mean I must pay before I post it??

    Also If I printed a fedex label that is bill sender can i just through it out and not have to pay a penny?


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    The payment options are:

    Sender: // that is you! (the FedEx account you have selected in the FROM area)

    Recipient: // That is the party receiving the package

    Third Party: // someone else's FedEx account

    If you print a FedEx label, set to Bill Sender, and you do not actually tender that package, you can always delete the shipment in ShipRush's View Shipments area. Then you will not be charged.

    If, for whatever reason, you did not delete it there, if it is a domestic Express shipment, you will almost certainly NOT be billed for it.

    If you are billed for it, for any reason, and the shipment was not actually tendered to FedEx, just call FedEx customer service (after you get the bill), and they will credit you (they can see that the tracking # was never actually shipped).
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