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Thread: What do need used in Export Documents

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    What do need used in Export Documents?

    Also what is a Description of goods stand for?

    remember im new to shipping and want make sure I do everything right without missing something and ups wont ship it after pickup!

    Also how come dont put zip code in red highlight box if ship to International like UK also when I pick a country name do I need leave check box check or uncheck said Residention of ship TO?

    I do see I have a UPS account with UPS.com from Shiprush UPS software see my Account number so UPS.com will know I using shiprush UPS with payment prepaid b/c I enter my UPS account number at UPS.com to email them for my billing info Im waiting for them email me back!

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    Please contact UPS for what is needed or required for your INTL shipments. We cannot tell you what you must have, as we are not the shipping carrier.

    The basics in the Export Documents would be:
    Goods (Commodities)
    Invoice Area

    All other areas might be required, for some destinations, or shipments.

    Description of goods is just that, what are you shipping. Shoes, phone, band-aids.

    Zipcodes are not required in all countries.

    That is upto you, and if you are shipping to a Residential address. If you are, please check the box.

    Have Questions? Ask the ShipRush Knowledge Base: https://shiprush.com/kbase
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