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Thread: Ok do need a scann code to scan my package used ground using shiprush UPS

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    Wich one is for shipping and scan barcode to system so UPS know a package ready for pickup
    LS2208 or The wireless LS4278 on charging cradle?

    Ok do I need a scann code to scan my package used ground using shiprush UPS or just print out lable for ground and set a pickup time ups.com and let them come pickup if just ground but no INT !!!!!!!!

    I need they type weight scale that I can weight AUto to shiprush

    Fairbanks model 70-2453, Ultegra, SCB-9000, R9000, and compatible (the type distributed by many shipping carrier sales reps)

    Mettler Toledo PS15, PS30, PS60, PS90, and compatible

    If so wit ch the best brand that can be weight scale USB I saw they type big scale at UPS store when they weight my EXPERSS PACK I ship INT from UPS store my first pacakge been ship out INT and did paid visa card UPS visa at UPS store they print out lavbel and they did paper work for INT

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    You do not need a scanner. If you do not have daily pickup service with UPS, you need to call them that you have packages for pickup. The software will not alert the carrier.

    Any of the scales listed there are fine.

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