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Thread: Canadian shipping methods - error

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    I downloaded and installed 'http://www.shiprush.com/download_new/shiprush/ShipRushv3-Basic-Edition.exe'
    I am evaluating this software for our company but I have a big issue I need addressed first.
    I am having a problem trying to select the proper Shipping Method.
    I live in Canada and both address are Canadian.
    I want to select "Express Saver" but it is not on the list of shipping types.
    When I press on "show all" shipping methods a list apears but "Express Saver" has an error message and regardless of which one I select it names it something else when it displays it on the screen after I press ok.
    Is there any way around any of this?

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    Morning Trinity,
    To get a clearer picture of this, could you provide us with the origination and destination postal codes, along with their cities?

    I may need to report this to development, but I will need that information for a full report.

    Thank you,
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