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Thread: SR can no longer access Quickbooks

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    After restoring my Quickbooks company file (following revisions by my accountant) I cannot get ShipRush to connect with Quickbooks. When open I get an error message to the effect that the Quickbooks invoice must be modified, and that if prompted I should allow Shiprush to integrate with Quickbooks. So far I have:
    verified that QB allows SR access
    closed both programs and rebooted computer
    downloaded and installed newest version of SR
    removed QB permission for SR access -- QB doesn't even ask if SR should be allowed, indicating that SR is not communicating at all with QB

    Any suggestions?

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    Possible issues:

    ShipRush needs to get listed as an integrated application again QB (due to restore)
    - Be in QB in Single User Mode as the ADMIN user and try and run at least 2 shipments

    Check your settings in ShipRush
    - Settings | General | Settings button next to QuickBooks as the Contact Manager
    - Set to baseline of QuickBooks Customer list
    - UNCHECK use Alt+5 and Alt+6
    - Test, and if that works, then you need to add the correct modifications to the QB template(s) that you use, if Hybrid mode in ShipRush, &3 and &4, if for reference, &5 and possibly &6 (if that is how you use ShipRush and QuickBooks)

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    Thanks for the reply. After much fooling around I found the installation directions on the z-firm site and followed the template directions for earlier versions of QB. It worked. Thanks for your help.
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