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Thread: Excel import fields

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    Hey Guys,

    We currently have multiple sales channels, including EBay & Amazon but also 5 other web sites. It seems that in order to get all of this to work together we must merge some .csv files into a single Excel file for import (for the web sites only). No problem. But, we cannot find a field (header/column) name where we can place the SKU # in the Excel file for import.

    I see that if we are directly importing from EBay or Amazon this works just fine. However, we require the SKU on the shipping label for ALL orders and it seems there is no way to import his info via an Excel spreadsheet.

    So: Is there a column name for ItemSKU available? Along the same lines, we would like to be able to import to a ShipRush field ANY variable that is available for use(i.e. %ItemSKU%, and others?),


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    Currently it does not appear that ItemSKU is one of the options, at least in the helpfile.

    I will pass along to development a suggestion to allow for all fields in the Order Manager to be mapped to a value for Excel. Case 24803

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