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Thread: USPS Functionality Suddenly Stoped Working - Please Help!!

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    Hello, I appreciate in advance ANY assistance on this issue...

    We are daily users of the ShipRush for Endicia USPS program and it has been spot on for a long time. Today I opened the program as normal and there was only one of the dozen orders listed and I was able to ship that successfully. However as in previous cases where an (or many) orders where "missing" I tried to refresh and got nothing. So after many hours of trouble shooting I have still have no orders being imported and have become very frustrated.

    PS.. we run the Cre-Loaded .php version

    Here is what I have done so far....

    Restarted Apache server, ShipRush and mysql servers and local PC's
    Double checked all settings, order status, etc.
    Created test/dummy orders to test
    Restored ShipRush files from backup to Cre-Loaded store folder
    Upgraded 1.xx .php package to latest 2.xx .php package
    Ran ShipRush DBmanager and restored/verified/rebuilt several times
    Deleted and created new webstore
    Waited several hours and tried everything again, etc.
    Checked internet, refresh time and everything else I could find
    Ran Internet connectivity test it stated "good" and everything else is working fine

    Must mention that everything worked great yesterday and I am the only one in the system and our "for hire" developer has not been in the system and is off for the weekend so nobody has "messed" with anything.

    At this point I am going to be hand writing a bunch of orders come Monday morning and really need some guidance. I have searched this forum and Google extensively and found nothing to guide my next steps... HELP!!!

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    (Sun 9pm) OK, this is weird..... I got to wondering how many orders for Monday morning and what it was going to take to fill them (postage) by hand and when I fired up the laptop with ShipRush EVERYTHING IS WORKING?!?!?! Sat all day.. nothing, Sun morning.. nothing... Sun night - WORKS???

    OH well, I guess I will watch it and see what happens... afraid to turn the shipping PC off!!!

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    Glad to hear it's working!

    Please note that 'deleting and readding the webstore' is almost never a good solution - please do not do this unless advised by ShipRush Support.

    We checked in your My.ShipRush account and you now have two instances of the same web store there - which can result in some orders not flowing into Order Manager.

    If you deleted the webstore in Order Manager, you should also delete the web store in My.ShipRush. To do this - please log into your My.ShipRush account. Delete the web store that you are not linking with in Order Manager.

    But again - please don't delete and reset up the webstores like this. Most often a bit of patience will resolve the problem. A good first start for troubleshooting these sort of systems is to log into your My.ShipRush.com account to verify the info is there. This will also display more detail if there are any problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rvpartsnow View Post
    Deleted and created new webstore
    Not a good step...

    It would have been better to sync up with us first... before doing any of those steps.

    But we are glad all is working!
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    Thank you for using ShipRush!
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