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Thread: License Problem

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    Just reinstalled fresh download of v3 Pro. I have typed in my license code multiple times and it will not recognize it. My email receipt says it is for ShipRush v3 Pro. Same version I downloaded. Will not let me install full version, only test version. Called tech support and they said to post in forums.

    This is a fresh install on a newly partitioned PC. FYI, this is part of a fresh network install office-wide.

    And, the obvious question, I have re-checked the license code many times, it just won't take. Thoughts?
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    Please copy\paste your license. You may be incorrectly typing in a character (I vs l vs 1).

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    I only have a printout of the email, not the actual email. I will try using I ... 1 ... and | variations to see if I get it right.


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